Our car body repair shop can cater for all types of accident work, insurance claims, non fault damage, paint-less dent removal, wheel refurbishment, spoilers and car body kits.

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As a vehicle owner, you have the right to choose where your car is repaired after an accident, rather than your insurance company forcing and bullying you in to using their “approved repairers”.

In the event of a non fault accident we can liaise with your insurance company and supply you with a like for like car while yours is off the road. All repairs are carried out by our fully trained technicians.  Genuine parts are used, built and tested in accordance to each manufacturers specific standard.

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Reliable & Trustworthy

We only use the highest quality paints and material to ensure your vehicle is repaired to the best standard.

Guaranteed Workmanship

We have been in business for 26 years and guarantee all paint work carried out on your vehicle for 2 years

Quality Assurance

Quality provided by our qualified staff, means that we are the recommended repairers for many insurers

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Car Body Repair






“The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”

– Sir Henry Royce

Car Body Repair

Car Body Repair or Panel Beating is the entire vehicle repair process that involves straightening chassis rails and frames, removing and re-welding panels, fixing dents and other repair based work that is completed prior to paint refinishing. Our team at AutoBody Technic are responsible for ensuring that your vehicle’s shape, fit, function and specifications match its original conditions.

The process starts with estimating the extent of the damage and determining the appropriate method of repair. Then our team starts stripping of components and parts from the vehicle and further analyse the damage, deciding where they are best to start the repair.

Accident & Insurance Work

Whether it’s fault or non-fault, we can restore your vehicle back to its original form.

If you’ve had a car accident where only your car is damaged, no need to worry. The professional team at AutoBody Technic are here to help you. Whether your car requires a major collision repair or just a dent repair, we are experts in restoring your vehicle to its original working condition.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including scratch repairs, car respray service, dent repairs and panel beating.

You don’t need to worry about contacting your insurance company, we take it over. From helping you get an insurance claim number to contacting engineers and getting approval to perform the work that is necessary.

Dent & Scratch Repair

Whether your car is brand new or a classic, we offer collision and cosmetic repair services with a 1 Year Warranty. Using top quality materials by our highly experienced team ensures a perfect and long-lasting finish. Our technicians quickly and effectively eliminate most of the blemishes that are common to Bumpers, Bonnets, Door Panels and Boot Lids.

Our state of the arts USI ITALIA spray-booth, as used by leading manufacturers and F1 teams, has a unique 3 stage drying process ensuring our paint is fully cured and ready to work on with in an hour.

Alloy Wheel Repair

At AutoBody Technic, we are able to restore your vehicle alloy wheels to their original condition. Our team can repair scratches, scuffing and chips all onsite.

Firstly the wheel has to be removed from your car to prevent overspray. Our workshop is equipped with air-filtration and extraction systems to avoid the risk of dust particles and humidity ruining the paintwork. We can also offer a quick and convenient cosmetic restoration.

We offer an exact colour match to your damaged wheels or if you wish, we can also give you any custom colour or finish.
Our expert team use roadworthy techniques, whereby you do not have to worry about filler becoming loose and falling out at a later date.

For buckled and cracked wheels, we use computer-controlled lathe and rolling machine to re-machine and re-roll wheels.
This technique enables us to restore bent or badly cracked rims. No matter how badly damaged your wheel is, bring it into us and our team will quickly assess it.

Paint Detailing

Our certified automotive paint team are highly trained and experienced to return your car to its original condition. We offer top quality car spray painting repairs, car paint detailing and car paint restoration services. AutoBody Technic use a computerised paint matching system to find an exact match for your car’s unique paint code. We spray paint your car to rectify any issues and return the appearance of your vehicle to new.

It might be a small scratch, but it needs an expert to make it disappear. If the scratch is through the paint, the area is sanded to bare metal and it’s necessary to apply rust inhibitor and primer to prevent rust.

Before starting the painting process, we need to make sure the body is solid and free of old paint and rust. We then strip the car, by removing some parts like mirrors, trim and accessories to make primer and paint applying easier. This ensures an evenly applied paint across the entire body of the car.

Dents are rebuilt and blended into the surrounding area, then top quality surface paints are colour matched and seamlessly applied and protected with tough clearcoat finish. Clearcoat finishes enhance the colour of your vehicle and create a perfect factory-fresh finish.

Chassis Straightening & Realignment

With larger heavier damage it is most likely that the body or chassis of the vehicle will no longer be within specification. Once alignment is within specification and damaged panels will be replaced or repaired depending on the severity and complexity of damage. Once the panel beaters have fixed the damage to the vehicle they will complete any further dis-assembly required, collect all parts that require paint refinishing.

At AutoBody technic, we are fully equipped with cutting-edge technology. We have highly professional and trained technicians to take care of your damaged vehicles.

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