We provide you excellent facilities and all you need to learn about Dent Repairs and more

All our training is carried out at our workshop in West London. We are fully set up to provide the best possible environment to learn all about dent removal, smart repairs and much more.

We provide clear and detailed instructions, backed with practical demonstrations to ensure you gain the skills required. With a maximum of 4 trainees at any one time, you can be assured you get as much attention as is needed to master each technique. 

Ongoing support will also be provided to ensure confidence continues to grow as you start working on real jobs.

Our PDR course gives an introduction to PDR skill and should ensure all participants gain enough knowledge and practical experience to repair ordinary dents.

Tool selection

Reading the reflection

PDR hammer and tap down

Restricted access tools

Crease and door dents

Glue pulling dent removal

Locating the tip

Removing a small shallow dent

Golf ball sized dent removal

Body line/swage line dents

Vehicle access points plus trim removal